Terang Development Plan

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Project Overview

Council has undertaken a review of the McCrae Street Development Plan that applies to nine parcels of land in Terang (a total area of 19 ha). These parcels of land represent a significant opportunity to accommodate development that would support future housing needs for local people in Terang. 

As part of the review, Council carefully considered whether the existing Development Plan (2009) and Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 6) remain appropriate to achieve the strategic vision for Terang. The review included engaging with key landowners to discuss the project and to understand future development aspirations. 

Based on this review, it was recommended to revise and replace the existing Development Plan with a new updated version of the plan.  

The revised Terang Development Plan was completed and adopted by Council in December 2023.  

Terang Development Plan (DP)

The vision for the DP states that “the McCrae Street Development Plan area supports the provision of more diverse housing options close to the Terang town centre. Distinct passive open spaces and good pedestrian connections will facilitate a healthy, inclusive and sustainable environment for community members to access and enjoy.” 

The DP plays a significant role in providing diverse housing options and acting as a transitional edge between the town and farming area in the north and east, along with the Terang Terminal Station. The DP was prepared considering the following design principles:  

Character – Extension of the town in a manner such that its character is maintained by following the pattern of the surrounding subdivision, size of house frontage, setback, street trees, interfaces, and gradually transitioning into farmland.  

Liveability/Sustainability – A liveable neighbourhood, underpinned by good design and planning, creating walkable and safe public spaces with sustainable water sensitive urban design practices enhancing the overall experience for the community.  

Connected Neighbourhood – Integrated street network between all properties, connected to the existing streets with a centrally located open space creating walking and cycling opportunities the Terang town centre, encouraging a walkable and integrated community.  

View the final Development Plan(PDF, 17MB)