Terang Development Plan

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 Project Overview

Council has started a review of the McCrae Street Development Plan that currently applies to nine parcels of land in Terang (a total area of 19 ha). These parcels of land represent a significant opportunity to accommodate development that would support future housing needs for local people in Terang.

As part of this review, we are carefully considering whether the existing Development Plan (2009) and Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 6) are appropriate to achieve this strategic vision for Terang.

This review included engaging with key landowners to discuss the project and to understand future development aspirations.

Based on this review, it was recommended to revise and replace the existing Development Plan with a new updated version of the plan.  See attached revised Development Plan report for further information, and visit our Have Your Say page HERE to provide any feedback.

The project stages are outlined below.



Why is Council looking at this particular land?

In 2021, Council undertook a study to review existing residential land supply in Terang. The study found that this was a strategic opportunity site to accommodate future housing for the township. It also found that there were several key barriers to unlocking residential land supply such as fragmented land ownership, lack of infrastructure services and minimum lot size restrictions. Achieving coordinated and well-sequenced development that supports future residential growth in Terang is a key priority for Council. A review of the existing Development Plan on your land is needed to ensure it can support the future growth needs of Terang.

Are you speaking with landowners?

Yes. We have engaged with all existing landowners within the Development Plan area to discuss this project before we progressed with further detailed work. Landowners now have further opportunity to discuss the outcomes of the project and provide any additional feedback.

Are you asking landowners to sell or develop land?

No. Council is not asking landowners or adjacent landowners to subdivide, develop or sell their land at any stage. All existing use rights will continue to apply.

What are the planning rules that currently apply to the land?

The land within the Development Plan area is located within the General Residential Zone, Schedule 1 (GRZ1) and subject to the Development Plan Overlay, Schedule 6 (DPO6). Under these controls, a planning permit is required to undertake many forms of development activity including buildings and works and land subdivision.

How will the land be impacted by this review?

The proposed Development Plan will replace the existing Development Plan, which is implemented through the Corangamite Planning Scheme.  It will come into effect if a landowner chooses to subdivide or develop their land. Any proposed change to the land will need to be in accordance with the new Development Plan. 

It is anticipated that should the land be subdivided in the future development will be cohesive and consistently meet the objectives of the plan. 

Will there be opportunities for the community to provide feedback?

Yes. We are currently undertaking further engagement with the broader community.  Have your say HERE.