Rural Living Strategy


In May 2019 Council approved a Rural Living Strategy (RLS) to provide direction on future rural-residential development within the Shire.

The RLS makes recommendations for nine (9) townships across the Shire and identifies preferred locations for additional land supply and rezoning to cater for rural-residential growth.  

You can view the full RLS here: Rural Living Strategy(PDF, 15MB) 

Mayor Neil Trotter said the RLS used supply and demand forecasts to support population increase, economic growth and job creation.

“Research and analysis started in March last year has found population is forecast to grow by at least 2.5% and an estimated 702 new houses will be needed over the next 18 years,” Cr Trotter said.

“Corangamite is a tree-change destination with demand for larger rural-residential lifestyle lots. The RLS will help Council balance protecting our prime farmland and natural environment with strategic growth of our towns and flow-on effects for Shire services and facilities.”

“This is part of Council’s ongoing agenda to attract population and investment to ensure economic sustainability and prosperity into the future, while maintaining the liveability that is so important to our communities.”

The RLS will be followed by a Stage 1 planning scheme amendment in the 2019-2020 financial year to implement recommended changes.

This strategy will deliver a balance between the strong policy direction for protecting and sustainably managing productive agricultural land, against the importance of rural-residential living opportunities, by capitalising on the Shire's rural lifestyle and liveability characteristics.