Camperdown Cobden Terang Residential Land Review

Camperdown, Cobden and Terang are located in the central area of the Shire, approximately 10-20 minutes’ drive from one another. Camperdown is the largest town within the Shire. It is the main commercial and administrative centre and home to an estimated 3,355 residents. Terang is the second largest of the three towns and is within commuting distance to Warrnambool. Cobden is located on a landing above the rural hinterland and provides stunning views into the valleys, supporting an estimated population of 1,926 residents.  

Corangamite Shire has a strong focus on economic development and facilitating population growth and retention. The Council Plan 2021-2025 commits to creating a connected and thriving community through delivery of infrastructure and services that support population growth and new opportunities for residential subdivision and growth. 

The purpose of the study is to understand existing residential land supply across the three towns with a specific focus on greenfield and strategic infill sites within the General Residential Zone (GRZ). The study seeks to understand current capacity for housing growth, constraints and barriers to land development and housing supply and provide recommendations and strategic directions to support the delivery of future residential housing opportunities in the townships.

 You can download the full study here(PDF, 6MB).