Corangamite Shire is committed to advocating to both State and Federal governments to improve the lives of people through strong, ethical and responsive representation with a focus on providing value to ratepayers.

Our priorities are presented to both State and Federal members to highlight the wants and needs for our region.

Full priorities(PDF, 6MB)

Mobile phone coverage and NBN

ASK: Fix mobile phone blackspots in Noorat and Port Campbell. Upgrade NBN in Simpson and Port Campbell.

Mobile phone coverage & NBN(PDF, 349KB)

Mobile phone black spots continue to be a major issue and urgent priority for Corangamite Shire, with impacts on emergency management, tourism, agricultural innovation and liveability. We welcomed a recent announcement for two new towers in Scotts Creek and Ecklin South through the Federal Government Regional Connectivity Program, however more upgrades are needed across our Shire.

Currently there is poor and unreliable mobile coverage in Noorat. This is impacting agribusiness productivity and innovation in the area. The Noorat area is also rated as high bushfire risk, with improved coverage giving residents peace of mind after communication failures during the St Patrick’s Day fires in 2018.

Port Campbell & Simpson
Major residential housing developments and tourism growth (pre-COVID)in Port Campbell and Simpson will see growing demand for more reliable coverage and faster NBN.

Currently both towns, particularly businesses in Port Campbell’s main street, experience poor phone coverage and slow internet speeds.



Roads and infrastructure

Ask: $8.3M for Darlington Road to be widened to the National Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Scheme.

Roads & infrastructure(PDF, 840KB)

Eleven kilometres of Darlington Road does not conform to the PBS Scheme.

Darlington Road is a key north south route connecting the Hamilton Highway in the north to the Princes Highway south. This road supports the grain and dairy industry largely with inbound products to dairy farms to the south (grains, fertiliser, hay, machinery, lime, gravel, fuel, machinery, chemicals, woodchips) and off farm grain production to the north.

Sealed shoulders provide many safety benefits in addition to a better road surface to drive on when pulling over. Roads with unsealed shoulders makes steering and braking more difficult if drivers lose control and steer offroad.

This road fails to meet the appropriate cross section requirements to support industry truck movements. With a two-way average daily traffic movement of approximately 2,500 to comply with the PBS Standards Scheme should have a minimum lane and shoulder width of 3.2 and 1.5 metres, respectively.

Darlington Road has also been identified as a priority by the great South Coast Group.   
 Darlington Rd.png


National Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Scheme
This scheme was established to enable innovative, safe and productive vehicle designs. 

The scheme is categorised into four levels of network access based on a combination of performance standards. The PBS 2A Network allows for vehicles of an overall length of up to 26.0 metres and is a well-developed network throughout south west Victoria. 

Dairy Supply Chain Road upgrades

Ask: $31M annually or $310M over 10 years.

Diary Supply Chain Road upgrades(PDF, 645KB)

The south west region is the largest milk production area in Victoria. It consists of approximately 1,300 farms that produce more than a quarter of the nation’s milk.

The Barwon South West Regional Dairy Supply Chain Study was funded by five councils in the Great South Coast Group: Corangamite, Colac-Otway, Moyne, Southern Grampians Shires and Warrnambool City.  

Together we have developed a powerful report arguing for Commonwealth and State support to keep the dairy industry on the road - literally. 

The ‘Barwon South West Regional Dairy Supply Chain Investment Prospectus’ forecasts the region’s industry could increase production and processing by 20% by 2045, to about 2.5 billion litres per annum.

Many of the roads, bridges and culverts in the region are not strong enough to carry High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) which are becoming more common because they are safer and more economical.  

The next roads identified for urgent upgrades in Corangamite Shire are Cobden Warrnambool Road and Cobden Port Campbell Road.   

Priority A roads: 
Princes Highway 
Cobden-Warrnambool Road 
Cobden Stoneyford Road

Ayresford Road (north) 

Priority B roads:
Camperdown Cobden Road 
Camperdown Lismore Road
Terang Cobden Road 
Terang Mortlake Road 
MacKinnons Bridge Road 
Timboon Colac Road 
Cobden Lavers Hill Road 
Timboon Nullawarre Road
Ayresford Road (south) 

Williams Road  

Priority C roads: 
Timboon Terang Road
Cooriemungle Road
Coradjil Road

Curdievale- Port Campbell Road 


Tourism recovery

Ask: $15 million for tourism regeneration for Great Ocean Road West and hinterland.

Tourism recovery(PDF, 593KB)

The Great Ocean Road region supports approximately 11,200 tourism jobs and has an estimated annual visitor spend of $1.5 billion. 

A Parliamentary Inquiry into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism and events sectors (August 2021) indicated the Great Ocean Road region was the most adversely affected Victorian region by COVID-19. 

The region saw the largest total decline in tourism spend of any Victorian region, shrinking to $1.1 billion or 25% in the six months ending June 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. 

It also saw the largest declines both in domestic and international overnight visitors in 2020, decreasing by 40% and 57% respectively.

Tourism offerings along the Great Ocean Road are focused on the international market, which meant it was difficult for businesses to pivot to the domestic market when travel resumed. The closure of state borders and metropolitan Melbourne has created further uncertainty. 

Lost revenue is the biggest issue, however, long term impacts include losing skilled staff to other areas and industries. 

What we propose:
The western reaches of the Great Ocean Road region needs a dedicated program to support tourism re-design and recovery. This program combines events, experiences and product diversification to transition the region to better cater for a higher yielding domestic market and plan for the return of new international tourists. 

The program will include: 

  • A local travel voucher program 
  • Interstate marketing campaign 
  • Signature winter event 
  • Signage and marketing for branded 12 Apostles Trails (Cycling and Food and Artisan)

These targeted funds would support The Great Ocean Road region to adapt its offerings, experiences and marketing to appeal to domestic visitors in the short-term and be in the strongest possible position to welcome back international tourists in the not-too-distant future. 

Green hydrogen

Ask: $600,000 for a business case for a natural gas sector green hydrogen demonstration project in Port Campbell.

Green hydrogen(PDF, 473KB)

The Great South Coast Economic Futures report on Green Hydrogen identifies five complementary initiatives to progress the vision for the region as a centre for Green Hydrogen. 

One of these initiatives, the natural gas sector green hydrogen demonstration project, is located in Corangamite Shire.

There are three operating natural gas processing facilities in the southern and coastal areas of Corangamite Shire – Cooper Energy, Beach Energy and Lochard Energy.

These gas plants are located in the Otway basin, all with onshore processing facilities and domestic distribution networks. 

There is potential to use existing underground storage and pipelines to test production, storage and transport solutions for green hydrogen.

Funding support is required to develop a feasibility and detailed business case for a demonstration project involving one or all of the private sector energy businesses.

This project aligns with Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy and would contribute to cutting emissions, driving investment and supporting industry transition and jobs growth in regional Australia.

The concept is identified in the Great South Coast Economic futures – Green Hydrogen Strategy. Before a demonstration project can commence a detailed feasibility and business case is required.

Theatre Royal Master Plan

Ask: $3M to implement Stage 2 of Camperdown Theatre Royal Master Plan.

Theatre Royal Master Plan(PDF, 750KB)

The ageing and underutilised Theatre Royal complex in Camperdown could become a thriving meeting place for business and leisure across Corangamite Shire.

The existing complex includes a theatre, Mechanic’s Hall, library, indoor stadium, Killara Centre and McCabe Room, shops, offices, Senior Citizens Centre, a commercial kitchen, toilets and off-street parking.

Under a 10 year, three stage master plan, the complex would be transformed into a contemporary new space with a complete library refurbishment and new community lounges, offices, meeting rooms, a digital and media hub, gallery, learning and retail spaces.

We are seeking $3 million to complete works involved in Stage two of the plan. Specifically, these include:

Ground floor

  • New passenger lift
  • Refurbish existing library, kitchenette, toilets
  • New library entrance
  • New front facade

First floor

  • Temporary hot-desk and co-working office space
  • Upgrade existing stairs
  • Facilities breakout space including new kitchenette
  • Existing office space to convert to glazed meeting rooms
  • Retractable auditorium seating

Visit to view the Master Plan. 

High VLocity trains

Ask: Five daily return services from Warrnambool to Geelong.

High VLocity trains(PDF, 1MB)

Corangamite Shire is serviced by the Geelong-Warrnambool rail line, with stations at Terang and Camperdown.

The South Western rail corridor services a population, including Geelong, in excess of 350,000 people.

Currently, four daily return services operate between Warrnambool and Melbourne.

Despite a promise at the 2018 election that Warrnambool would have VLocity trains by 2021, none of the 18 sets of VLocity trains manufactured will be delivered to the Warrnambool line. Furthermore, new rolling stock for the Warrnambool line has not been funded.

It appears VLocity trains and a fifth service are years away for communities services by the Geelong-Warrnambool rail line.

The provision of reliable and regular rail services has proven to be a significant driver of growth in regional Victoria.

This is evident along the rail corridor serviced by the VLocity trains: Geelong (51 Monday to Friday daily services), Ballarat (20 services), Bendigo (20 services) and the Latrobe Valley (19 services).

We call on the State Government to make the South West a higher priority for improved rail services. A fifth daily train will enable our residents to access health, education and social services in regional centres and metropolitan Melbourne more conveniently, as well as provide a reliable public transport option for the growing cycling visitor segment to Corangamite Shire. 


Camperdown Production Precinct

Ask: $30 million to implement enabling infrastructure works in accordance with a Servicing Master Plan for the precinct.

Camperdown Production Precinct(PDF, 2MB)

Since Council completed an Industrial Land Strategy in 2013, structural adjustment in the dairy industry and advancements in technology and production techniques have seen a revival of interest in production processes closer to the primary sources of agriculture.

This, compounded by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire expressed by manufacturers and investors to secure their business interests in Victoria, has seen a significant increase in inquiry for industrial land and facilities throughout the region, and in particular Camperdown.

Council is developing a master and servicing plan for the Camperdown Production Precinct to coordinate future industrial investment and development opportunities, increasing local and regional economic output and supporting new employment.

camperdown production precinct.png  
dairy farmers
in Western 
of Western
Victorian dairy
farms are in
Corangamite Shire
 2,010 billion
litres of milk
produced each
year in Western
national milk
output comes
from Western
Annual output
of agriculture in
Corangamite Shire

About the precinct
The precinct has existing industrial land supply and two major projects have recently received planning approval - a milk processing facility (Camperdown Dairy Company) and nutritional food and beverage production facility (Australasian Nutritional Solutions). The milk processing facility is nearing construction and capacity constraints with the nearby wastewater treatment plant have been identified.

There is need to provide a framework to coordinate the expansion of the precinct and provide for future industrial development including the provision of servicing and enabling infrastructure. This is required to open further investment and to establish the precinct as having regional significance in production and economic output.

Interest exists in new businesses relocating to and establishing in the precinct, which will present location-specific advantages by integrating key production facilities together and maximising overall benefit through targeted investment. There is potential to create a dairy industry cluster for value-add food manufacturing.

About the project
The Camperdown Production Precinct Servicing Master Plan aims to:
  • Develop a master and service plan for the Camperdown Production Precinct to facilitate and leverage investment opportunities.
  • Provide a framework to coordinate future development and support the delivery of servicing and enabling infrastructure for the area.
  • Provide a level of certainty on land capability, regulatory requirements and indicative servicing costs to enable investment to occur. 

The master and servicing plan will provide Council with a tangible tool to incorporate into planning decision making and guide private sector planning and investment for the precinct, along with directing public money into best benefit servicing and infrastructure provision.

The master plan will attract new industries and businesses to the precinct and leverage future funding and capital investment by State and Federal Government and through service providers (e.g. Wannon Water and Powercor). 


 $50,000     Corangamite Shire

 $85,000     Victorian Planning Authority  

 $135,000   TOTAL


 $100,000    Corangamite Shire

 TBC            Federal Government
 TBC            State Government
 TBC            Private sector

 TBC            TOTAL

Skipton Recreation Reserve

Ask: $1.5M to upgrade Skipton Recreation Reserve

Skipton Recreation Reserve(PDF, 333KB)

The Skipton Township Plan identifies the recreation reserve as the most valued asset in Skipton. 

 However, the existing facilities are close to 40 years old, are no longer fit for purpose, do not meet state sporting association facility guidelines, nor user expectations. 

The recreation reserve is home to five AFL football teams and an Auskick program, seven netball teams and a NetSetGo program (Skipton Football Netball Club), and four cricket teams (Skipton Cricket Club).

Ageing population trends in Corangamite Shire predict Skipton would benefit from prioritising design upgrades that support modified sports programming, recreational activities and multifunctional social spaces.

This shovel-ready project has been identified by the committee and Council as a priority, which aligns with Corangamite Shire’s Recreation and Open Space Strategy 2016-2026, Recreation Reserves Master Plan and the AFL Goldfields Regional Strategy. 

 The project involves building new female-friendly change rooms for netball/football players and umpires. This includes security lighting, storage options for first aid, cleaners and utility rooms, and accessible public toilets. 

Upgrades to the main oval to meet AFL guidelines are also part of the project. This includes new oval fencing with improved drainage and players shelters/coaches boxes for weather protection, a cricket wicket and electronic scoreboard. 

New designs.JPG
New rooms Skipton.JPG

Local Road Priority Projects


ASK: $950K to widen Noogee Road, Terang

Noogee Road, Terang(PDF, 269KB)

2.3km of Noogee Road west of Terang has a narrow seal width of 3.9m with gravel shoulders on both sides. The proposal is to establish Noogee Road as an alternative route for trucks that currently travel along Baynes Street through the Terang township. Noogee Road connects Terang-Framlingham Road in the north with Princes Highway in the south.

Baynes Street is a residential street that periodically requires rehabilitation in sections as a result of the heavy vehicle traffic using it. At an estimated cost of $950,000 Noogee Road would have pavement strengthening and an increased seal width to accommodate two way traffic movements and higher heavy vehicle volumes.

 Noogee Rd map.JPG

ASK: $1.25M to widen Roycrofts Road, Boorcan

Roycrofts Road, Boorcan(PDF, 326KB)

3km of the 7.8km of Roycrofts Road has a narrow 3.7m seal with gravel shoulders on both sides. Roycrofts Road provides a link for dairy and grain trucks from the Princes Highway in the north to the Cobden-Terang Road in the south.

At an estimated cost of $1,250,000 Roycrofts Road would have pavement strengthening and an increased seal width to accommodate two way traffic movements.

As part of the upgrade the existing “Y” shaped intersection between Roycrofts Road and Cobden-Terang Road would be made safer by converting it into a “T” intersection.

 Roycrofts Road map.JPG

ASK: $1.75M to widen Darlington-Terang Road, Kolora

Darlington-Terang Road, Kolora(PDF, 283KB)

4.2km of the 20km length of Darlington-Terang Road has a narrow 4.9m seal with gravel shoulders on both sides. Darlington-Terang Road provides a link for grain trucks from the Hamilton Highway in the north to Terang-Mortlake Road in the south.

At an estimated cost of $1,750,000 Darlington-Terang Road would have pavement strengthening and an increased seal width to accommodate two way traffic movements. Also as part of the upgrade the existing “Y” shaped intersection between Darlington-Terang Road and Terang-Mortlake Road would be made safer by converting it into a “T” intersection. 1.7km of the road to be widened is within Corangamite Shire. 

The remaining 2.5km of the road to be widened is within Moyne Shire. 
 Darlington Rd map.JPG