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Games Galore

Are you ready to get outdoors, socialise, and challenge your friends and family in fun games?

Games Galore is bringing the fun to your local grassy knoll with their selection of outdoor activities.

See the exciting games that you can challenge your friends and family to below:

Finska for 2-8 players

Finska is a Finish backyard tossing game that uses strategy and cunningness. The first team or person to get exactly 50 points is the winner. 

Spikeball for 2-4 players at a time

Most similar to beach volleyball with two players on each team however instead of hitting over the net, you “spike” the ball onto the net in a way that makes it difficult (or better, impossible) for the opposition to return. After the serve bounces off the net, there are no boundaries in this 360 degree exhilarating new sport.

Giant Connect 4 for 2 players (or two teams)

Your classic game but large! In this game, both players take a turn consecutively aiming to get four of your pieces in a row.

Giant Jenja for 2-8 players

You will need to take a Jenga piece from the tower and stack it on top but be careful, you don’t want to topple the tower!

Boulle for 2-4 players (or four teams of two people)

The objective is to throw or roll heavy balls (called boules in France, and bocce in Italy) as close as possible to a small target ball, called the jack.

When and where:




Terang Avenue

11 - 1 pm


Camperdown Avenue

2-4 pm


Jaycees Park, Simpson

11- 1 pm


Cobden Apex Park

2-4 pm


Port Campbell (beach front green)

11-1 pm


Timboon Civic Green (in front of lolly shop)

2-4 pm


Jubilee Park, Skipton Lismore Avenue (near Lismore playground)

11-1 pm


Lismore Avenue (near Lismore playground)

2-4 pm



How to book:

Session times can be booked online through Eventbrite. Each session is a half an hour period for one games. Groups must contain less than eight people.

You are also welcome to show up on the day to see what games are available or to spectate. 


Safety precautions:

All participants must sign in with their name and contact details upon arrival. Socially distancing measures must be maintained as per government regulation. Hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray will be on-site and must be used.

COVIDSafe Event Checklist(PDF, 668KB)

NGV Kids on Tour 2021

Moko Moko Park Puppet Show with Misaki Kawai

As a child, Japanese artist Misaki Kawai loved to make puppets and perform shows with her brother.

Join in this workshop activity on Wednesday 13 January 10.30 am - 1.30 pm where children can create a dog park, complete their own puppet and perform shows for friends and family. It is suitable for all ages.

Register here

Take Home Activity Book

Explore art and design, play art games and turn school holiday boredom into creativity with the Art is for Everyone activity booklet. The booklet includes art-making activities, art games and art making resources for autistic children. This free booklet will be distributed on Saturday 16 January and must be booked.

 Register here

Backyard Biodiversity 

Do you want more native birds, bugs and lizards in your backyard? Shari McDonald from the Lismore Land Protection Group shows you how with simple ‘Backyard Biodiversity’ tips everyone can adopt. 

Learn how to make pinecone bird feeders and bug hotels from what’s already available in your own backyards, find out which birdbath is best for your garden and see how you can join the Citizen Science movement.

Bug Hotels:


Pinecone Bird Feeders

Bird baths

Life Skills Bingo

Corangamite Shire Council is ramping up the fun with the launch of its Life Skills Bingo challenge.

Set for specific age groups, challenges range from cracking an egg into a bowl and making a Mr Potato Head, through to growing some vegetables, building a fire and changing a car tyre.

How to play: Download and print the PDF Life Skills Bingo Board for your age group. You can either complete tasks in any line for Line Bingo or complete the all task for Full Bingo. Remember to snap a picture of each bingo board task as you go.

 Age 4-6: Life-Skills-Bingo_4-6.pdf(PDF, 17KB)
 Age 7-9: Life-Skills-Bingo_7-9.pdf(PDF, 22KB)
 Age 10-11: Life-Skills-Bingo_10-11.pdf(PDF, 21KB)
 Age 12-14: Life-Skills-Bingo_12-14.pdf(PDF, 21KB)  
 Age 15+: (PDF, 22KB)Life-Skills-Bingo_15.pdf(PDF, 22KB)


Ed Gym

The Ed Gym team has brought their lessons online! Stay connected and active through their online platform where Maz and the team bring you songs, games and other activities each week.  

Watch here

Music & M.E by Marie Ewing

Sing and dance with Terang local, Marie Ewing! Each episode has a fun theme to keep you groovin'. 

Watch more here