Timboon Stadium


The Timboon Sporting Centre is a multi-purpose facility that caters for a wide range of sporting and recreational activities. Through its programs, the Centre aims to provide and promote health, fitness and an active lifestyle and is seen as the focal point for indoor sport in Timboon.

What facilities are provided?

  • A multi-purpose court
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Two Squash Courts
  • Aerobics and circuit gym
  • An office and kiosk
  • Change rooms with toilets and showers

Activities conducted at the Timboon Sporting Centre include Badminton, Basketball, Circuit Training, FitKids, Indoor Soccer and Netball.

Gym membership:

$10 casual visit or $40 per month
Drop in and have a look.


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Hamilton Street, Timboon 3268  View Map

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