Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail

Camperdown-Timboon Rail Trail - Trestle Bridge

The  34km Camperdown to Timboon trail is a wonderful family adventure, dotted with statuesque trestle bridges and spellbinding scenery.

Riders and walkers traverse volcanic features, farmland, wooded grassland and tall wet forest on descent into the wooded Timboon valley.

Trail users need to be aware the first section of the trail from Camperdown Station to Naroghid is “on road” and includes a challenging (but spectacular) descent and climb between Lake Bullen Merri and Lake Gnotuk. Visitors are advised to wear bright coloured clothing and switch on a rear tail light to make themselves more visible to other road users.

The section between Glenfyne and the Curdies Trestle Bridge is challenging with sections of trail that still have sleepers in place and bypasses of ruined trestle bridges that many users dismount and walk their bikes. Bikes with at least front suspension are most suited to this section.

The trail provides an important connective corridor for native animals. The relationship between native wildlife and the trail is creatively interpreted by a display housed in the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery. This building along with the old ticket office forms the southern terminus of stage 1 of the trail.

The heritage listed 1891 Timboon Trestle Bridge spans the Curdies River and is accessible via road and via the trail. The bridge provided a vital link via standard gauge to Camperdown and Melbourne. Nowadays visitors can enjoy a picnic in a picturesque valley formed by the Curdies River. This section is an easy 5km roll or walk from the trailhead in Timboon.

Dogs are permitted on leashes along the rail trail. Horse riding is prohibited on some parts of the trail (on any bridges between Merretts Road and Curdies Siding)

Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail Bridge Replacements

In the section of trail from Merrett Road to the Curdies trestle bridge there are five river crossing foot bridges, these foot bridges are nestled into the beautiful bush surrounds with stunning views of the old train line trestle bridge. These foot bridges were built by volunteers approximately 25 years ago and have become weathered and unstable, with safety concerns for trail users.

The Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail Committee of Management and the Corangamite Shire Council have sourced funding to replace these bridges. Two of these bridges were completed in August/September 2022 and further funding has been secured to replace two more bridges. Council is currently in the tender stage to find a contractor for these two bridges. 

Funding for Timboon to Camperdown Rail Trail Bridges has been sourced from:

  • State Government
  • Federal Government
  • Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail Committee of Management
  • Corangamite Shire Council 

Camperdown-Timboon Rail Trail - New bridgeCamperdown-Timboon Rail Trail - New bridge




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