Weekly green waste collection to help fire prep

Published on 22 September 2021


Kerbside collection customers across Corangamite Shire can jump start their fire safety clean-ups thanks to extra FOGO bin pick-ups.

The green-lidded Food Organics and Garden Organics bins will be collected weekly, instead of fortnightly, from Monday 4 October until the end of the year.

Waste and Sustainability Officer Jess Maxwell said Council doubled collections each spring to help residents keep their properties under control in the rapid growth period ahead of bushfire season.

“This time of year is ideal for reducing potential fuel around our homes before it gets out of hand or the weather gets too hot and dry,” Ms Maxwell said.

“This is a great opportunity to get rid of overgrowth that could pose a risk to your home or your neighbours if a bushfire should happen.

“Getting out in the garden keeps our neighbourhoods looking good and also has benefits for exercise, mental health and stress management.”

Ms Maxwell said the FOGO bins could take more than just lawn and garden clippings.

“You can put any organic waste in, such as non-treated timber, vacuum dust, soiled paper and pizza boxes—even pet droppings.

“Food scraps including meat, bones, citrus and dairy products can all go into your FOGO and will be composted at the Corangamite regional Landfill at Naroghid.

“Food that ends up in landfill creates methane gas, which is 25 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, so keeping it with the green waste and out of landfill is better for the environment.

“It also saves ratepayers’ money because food waste is costly to manage in landfills.”

Collections will revert to fortnightly service from 1 January.

There will also be free green waste disposal at transfer stations and Naroghid Landfill from Saturday 20 November until Sunday 12 December (non-commercial customers only).

For more information, click here or call us on 5593 7100.