Rabbit Baiting Program

15 October 2018, 11:00 PM

A Rabbit Baiting Program is being conducted at the Camperdown Botanical Gardens and Arboretum.

Baits of carrot pieces treated with anti-coagulant poison ‘PINDONE’ is being used.

Works are scheduled to be completed during the period Monday 1 October to Monday 15 October 2018, weather permitting.

Council recommends that pet animals be restrained on a leash and not allowed to roam in these areas during this period as pets may be at risk if they ingest the poisoned baits or rabbit carcasses.

Vitamin K1, which is available from the local veterinarian, is an antidote for Pindone.

Any carrot pieces observed, or rabbits found either alive or dead in these areas should not be handled.

For further information please contact Mick Lodge on 0409 967 039.