Septic systems

If your dwelling cannot be connected to a reticulated sewerage service you will require a domestic wastewater treatment system.  There are many forms of domestic wastewater treatment systems that are approved for use within Victoria.  These systems range from composting toilets, septic tanks and effluent disposal trenches to wastewater treatment plants.

All of these systems will require maintenance to ensure they continue to treat and dispose of the domestic wastewater in an environmentally acceptable manner.  The failure to regularly maintain your nominated system may create both a public health threat and an environmental hazard.

How to look after your Septic System

Your septic system requires your assistance to ensure it continues to operate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  For helpful hints on how to maintain your system and warning signs of a failing system, please read the Your New Septic Tank brochure(PDF, 492KB).

Septic Systems in Flood Affected Areas

If you live in a flood-affected area and flood waters have affected your property, your septic tank system (also known as an onsite wastewater system) may also be affected.  For more information on what you should do with your septic tank system in flood areas click here.