Paying your rates

When are rates due?

Rate notices are usually sent out in August each year.  You can pay your rates in a lump sum or by four instalments.  If you are paying in a lump sum, your rates and charges are due by 15 February each year. If you pay by instalments, rates are due by the end of September, November, February and May each year. You will receive a reminder notice before each instalment is due.

For 2023-2024, Council's general rate is 0.217656 cents in the dollar of the Capital Improved Value of each property.  This means a person with a house and land valued at $300,000 would pay about $653 in general rates.  A $216.40 municipal charge and $411.00 waste management charge also applies.

Council has decided to increase total rates and municipal charges for 2023-2024 by the Rate Cap of 3.50%.  This will generate a total of $25m in rate and charge income for Council.  Council has 9,740 rateable properties and the total revenue for the year will be approximately $53.7m.

How do I pay my rates?

There are a few ways you can pay your rates.

Probably the easiest way to do it is via our online portal below, all you need is your rates notice handy with your property number:

Pay online now

BPay or POSTbillpay

Biller code:  5553
Please contact your bank if you are unsure whether you have BPAY set up on your account.
PostBillpay.gif Phone: 13 18 16
Billpay code:  0366
Credit Card and PayPal Payments only


Flexipay Direct Debit

Make a one off payment for your instalment or annual amount.

Apply for weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly direct debit payments via credit card or bank account

If you are not able to pay via one of these options you can submit a payment arrangement request.

Register here or view the brochure for more info.(PDF, 273KB)


POSTbillpay 13 18 16 (Billpay code: 0366) or BPay (Biller code 5553).  Please contact your bank if you are unsure whether you have BPAY set up on your account.


Cheques should be made payable to 'Corangamite Shire'. 

Detach the payment slip at the bottom of your invoice and send to Corangamite Shire, PO Box 84, Camperdown 3260.

Note:  Paying over the counter at the Post Office is quicker and cheaper than sending by mail

In person

Payment can be made at any of Post Office or Corangamite Shire Office, 181 Manifold Street, Camperdown.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.


Use Centrepay to make regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.  Centrepay is a voluntary and easy payment option available to Centrelink customers.

Go to for more information and to set up your Centrepay deductions.

For assistance, or an application form, please call our Rates team on 03 5593 7100.

What if I am late or miss a payment?

Ratepayers who elect to pay their rates in full will incur interest penalties on any amount outstanding after the due date.  The rate is currently 10% per annum.  Ratepayers who choose to pay in instalments will be charged interest on subsequent instalments if payment is received after the due dates.  Interest will continue to accumulate on any outstanding amount until the amount is paid in full. 

If you are having difficulty paying your rates, please contact our Rate Revenue Coordinator or apply for a payment arrangement via Flexipay. Learn how to do this via the brochure below.

We're here to help(PDF, 115KB)