Have your say: Objections, Submissions & VCAT Appeals

If Council considers a planning proposal may cause adverse effect to others then it will notify surrounding landowners and occupiers of the permit application by letter. A notice may also be required to be displayed on site and a notice may also appear in the local newspaper/s circulating in the area.

If you are notified of an application and/or you hold an interest in the application you may wish to view the proposed plans at Council’s office or view them under View Current Planning Applications on Notice.  If you have serious reservations about a proposal you may wish to Contact a Planner to discuss your concerns.

While Council will attempt to find a mutually agreed outcome between objectors and applicants through the application process the final decision may not be agreeable to either the objector or the applicant. In such instances both parties have the right to apply for a review of the decision through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT); a State Government body responsible for hearing disputes relating to Council’s decisions under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Some examples of different types of appeals include an objector appealing Council’s decision to approve a permit, an applicant appealing a refusal of a permit, and an applicant appealing against conditions contained within a permit.

Further information about VCAT and applying for a review can be found by following the resource links under Related Information below.

You can use the following form to lodge an objection to a planning permit application.