Bookaar Solar Farm

Council, at its meeting on 25 September 2018, considered a planning permit application for a proposed Renewable Energy Facility (Solar Farm) at 520 Meningoort Road Bookaar. Council resolved to issue a Notice of Decision to Refuse to Grant a Permit.

A copy of the September Council Meeting Minutes are available to view on our website – click here.

The applicant has lodged an application for review of Council’s decision with the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal (VCAT). The hearing for this matter commences on 17 June 2019.  Further information is available via the VCAT website. VCAT Today's Hearings

A copy of the planning permit application documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

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Application and Title Documents(PDF, 9MB)
Planning Report(PDF, 20MB)
Indicative Layout Plan(PDF, 2MB)
Drawing Typical View of Tracking Structure and Panels(PDF, 507KB)
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment(PDF, 22MB)
Solar Photovoltaic Glint and Glare Study(PDF, 2MB)
Ecological Due Diligence Report(PDF, 5MB)
Preliminary Cultural Heritage Study(PDF, 5MB)
European Heritage Advice(PDF, 8MB)
Hydrology, Drainage and Flood Advice(PDF, 2MB)
Transport Impact Assessment(PDF, 2MB)
Further Information Documents(PDF, 3MB)
Amended Application Documents(PDF, 25MB)

If you have any further questions about this application please contact the Planning Department on 03 5593 7104.