Discussion of elements of the Schematic Design Plan

Lord Street

The final Schematic Design recommended for adoption by Council retains two-way vehicle movement within the Lord Street/Shared Zone. The final design provides for each traffic lane in Lord Street to be 3.5 metres wide between Morris Street and Cairns Street. Beyond Cairns Street to the Fisherman’s Car Park the existing traffic lane width of 3.3 metres is retained in Lord Street. The changes to the Schematic Design recommended for adoption by Council respond to the concerns about  access by large vehicles, delivery trucks, emergency service vehicles and boats (including oversize vehicles greater than 2.5 metres in width, subject to a separate permitting system).

The introduction of parallel parking in Lord Street, including the provision of accessible parking spaces near the general store / post office was considered at Concept Design stage.  The provision of angle parking on one side of the road is not feasible if footpaths are widened and two-way traffic movement is retained. Currently, vehicles seek to access angle parking spaces which are located opposite to the direction of travel by crossing the oncoming traffic lane. This would be undesirable in a shared zone where pedestrian movement has priority. Whilst parallel parking will result in some reduction to the number of parking spaces, utilisation can be improved through the introduction of time limited and short stay parking. This will assist local residents seeking to access the store for short periods. The supply of parking spaces is also increased in Tregea Street.

For accessible parks, some provision of parallel parks is desirable to allow for lifted rear loading of wheel chairs and other mobility devices.  All accessible parking spaces are designed to the dimensions required by the relevant Australian Standards. The location of two spaces near to the store is appropriate as this is a location where demand for accessible parking access will be high. Short stay parking arrangements for non-accessible parking are discussed above.

Cairns Street Foreshore area

The final Schematic Design recommended for adoption by Council provides for the retention of a green nature strip in Cairns Street. It also allows for some outdoor dining opportunities (for example in front of Forage on the Foreshore café).

A number of submissions have suggested that the current 90⁰ angle parking facing the foreshore be replaced by angle parking. In earlier consultations, there was strong community preference for the retention of car parking facing the foreshore as currently exists. To conform to Australian Standards, angle parking would need to be provided at 60⁰ or 45⁰. This would reduce the number of spaces, and most importantly does not allow for safe access by vehicles travelling in both directions. It is therefore proposed to retain 90⁰ parking to the foreshore. This is the only parking arrangement recommended in Australian Standards where two directional access to parking spaces is required.

A further issue raised in some submissions was of concern for the plaque, fountain and signs near the rocket shed relating to cultural heritage.  Further investigation will be undertaken at the detailed design stage in relation to retention and relocation where required.

Cairns Street/Lord Street intersection

A number of submissions have raised concerns around the proposed removal of the existing roundabout at the intersection of Lord Street and Cairns Street. This was shown at Concept Design Stage and has been retained in the final Schematic Design recommended for adoption by Council.  

Removal of the roundabout is considered appropriate for the following reasons:

  • The future role of Cairns Street in relation to overall traffic movement is downgraded by giving greater priority to the use of Morris Street, and through changes to the intersection design of Morris Street and the Great Ocean Road. The intent is that Cairns Street in future will be primarily used by local traffic, rather than traffic entering Port Campbell via the Great Ocean Road. Large vehicles (for example garbage trucks and emergency services vehicles) will be able to continue to access Cairns Street using the modified intersection design, and move through the chicane on Cairns Street.
  • It is desirable that the Lord Street / Cairns Street foreshore shared zone, which is low speed, does not contain a roundabout which prioritises vehicle movement over pedestrian movement.
  • The current roundabout is not pedestrian friendly, does not contain pedestrian refuges and results in irregular pedestrian movement across the intersection.
  • It is proposed to create a priority-controlled intersection. All vehicles on Cairns Street will be required to stop before entering Lord Street. Measures on the hill of Cairns Street, such as a chicane and use of rumble strips, will act to slow vehicles prior to the stop sign.
  • Vehicles only need to slow to enter a roundabout. Requiring vehicles on Cairns Street to stop prior to entering the intersection is important for improving pedestrian safety.

Tregea Street

It is proposed to provide 90⁰ car parking on the west side of Tregea Street. This allows for an increase in the provision of parking spaces, and it provides for access by vehicles travelling in either direction.

Driveway and Access Points

All driveway  and access points have been retained.