Port Campbell Town Centre Project Update June 2019


Council adopted a revised concept plan for the Port Campbell Town Centre Project at the March Council Meeting.

The adopted plans can be viewed below.

The preferred option balances community requirements—such as car parking and road layouts—and careful planning to prepare the town for the future.

The design aims to encourage visitors to walk and spend more time enjoying the town, while maintaining convenient access for residents to the parts of Port Campbell they love the most.

The next stage of the project is to take the adopted concept plan and refine detailed design. This will retain two-way traffic on Lord and Cairns streets, and all foreshore parking. The detailed design stage will address parking, access for people with disabilities, goods delivery to businesses and overhanging vehicles on the foreshore. These were all matters raised by the community. 

Further consultation on the detailed designs are planned with the community including meetings with businesses, the community reference group and a drop-in session for locals. Keep an eye on the Beacon Facebook page for more details.

Community feedback will then help finalise detailed design for consideration by Council.



181121_17343_Port Campbell Town Centre Urban Design Project_Concept Design Plan.JPG 

Download the concept design plan here.(PDF, 6MB)


Download the context design plan here.(PDF, 1MB)