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What you told us

Pedestrian circulation:

Existing footpath widths are adequate.

Provide clear and legible crossing points on Lord Street.

Provide a footpath on Tregea Street.

Provide links to walking trails outside the town centre.

Vehicle circulation:

Design shouldn’t impede vehicle circulation and movement.

Do not implement any proposals which will exacerbate congestion.

Provide clear directional signage to main destinations.

Maintain vehicle access along the foreshore and Tregea Street.

Ensure suitable access for emergency and delivery vehicles.

Retain vehicle access to the Old Great Ocean Road OR close vehicle access to the Old Great Ocean (divided response).

The existing visitor bus route impedes on the foreshore amenity.

Relocate the service station out of town.

What are the main concerns?

Conflicts between cars and pedestrians.

Lack of footpaths within Port Campbell.

There is congestion during peak periods.

Tourist numbers are expected to increase consistently.

Port Campbell is highly dependent on private vehicles.

Lack of clear signage to main destinations.

A clear path is required for emergency vehicles.

The service station is a primary destination for cars in the main street.

Buses enter the centre of town.

Has the proposal considered the concerns?

Drop off for Park and Ride is catered for at the Public Purposes Reserve (as per the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan).

Improved pedestrian crossings have been allowed for on Lord Street to enhance safe crossing of the road.

Provides a clear corridor for emergency vehicles to access Lord Street and the pier.

Buses to be located at the Public Purposes Reserve to reduce town centre road congestion.

What should be considered?

Develop a signage strategy for vehicles.

Consider options to retain some level of vehicular access to Cairns Street between Lord and Tregea Street, with alternate options also under consideration.