Port Campbell Town Centre Project Update September 2018

Concept designs options for Cairns Street/foreshore area


irns Street/foreshore area

Following the consideration of community comments made on the draft concept plan during January 2018, further consultation was undertaken to obtain more detailed feedback on the Cairns Street/foreshore area.

A summary of feedback on Cairns Street and the foreshore can be found here.

Feedback from the initial consultation can be found here or via the links below.

Four different design options have been prepared for additional community consideration. 

In summary the design options are as follows:

Option Layout 1: Pedestrian Promenade. Closure of the foreshore to vehicles (excluding emergency and delivery). No vehicle parking permitted.

Click here to see Layout Option 1.

Option Layout 2: One-way share zone. Includes one-way shared zone for traffic and pedestrians in Cairns Street, with 16 angle car parks provided on north side of Cairns Street, and 3 90 degree car parks on the south side, facing the ocean.

Click here to see Layout Option 2.

Option Layout 3: Two-way share zone in Cairns Street with 10 parallel car parks provided on the north side.

Click here to see Layout Option 3.

Option Layout 4: A one-way shared zone in Cairns Street with 13 angle parking spaces on the north side of the street and 12 spaces at 90 degrees on the south side, with views to the ocean.

Click here to see Layout Option 4.

We are keen to obtain your feedback on your preferred design option for the Cairns Street/foreshore area. Please identify your preferred option, and also provide further comments or matters which you suggest require further consideration.

Submissions have now closed.