Local Laws - Enforcement


  1. A person is guilty of an offence if he/she:
  2. Does something that a provision of the Local Laws prohibits to be done
  3. Fails to do something that a provision of the Local Laws requires to be done
  4. Engages in activity without a current permit where a provision of the Local Laws requires that person obtain a permit before engaging in that activity
  5. Breaches or fails to comply with a condition of a permit issued under the Local Laws
  6. Fails to comply with a direction of an authorised officer under Clause 6.2 (Local Laws No 1)
  7. Contravenes or fails to comply with a Notice to Comply within the specified time of the Notice.

Infringement Notice

  • Where an authorised officer reasonably believes that a person has committed an offence against the Local Laws, the officer may issue to that person an infringement notice, in a form approved by Council as an alternative to a prosecution for the offence.
  • A person to whom an infringement notice has been issued must pay to Council the amount specified by the due date on the notice.


  • A person may appeal to Council or a Council delegate for a review of an order, direction or notice made in relation to him or her under the Local Laws within 28 days of the order, direction or notice being made.
  • Where an appeal is to be heard under this clause, the person appealing must apply in writing to Council within 28 days of receiving the notice.