Local Laws

We have a set of local laws and policies which operate to protect the amenity of Corangamite Shire and the safety of all those who come to be in it. These rules cover many aspects of daily life — from practical safety issues to more aesthetic considerations.

We encourage all members of the community to take responsibility for maintaining the Shire as a safe and pleasant place to be by having regard for each other and by complying with the local laws.

Permits must be obtained from the Shire to ensure certain fundraising events, business activities, farming enterprises and fire management procedures are conducted in a manner that ensures that the public safety and amenity of the community is protected.

Did you know that you require a permit for:

  • Conducting a raffle in the townships of Corangamite Shire
  • Displaying advertising signs at Camperdown's four major entry points
  • Display a sign on a roadside
  • Grazing your animals on the side of the road  
  • Using some of Camperdown's parks and gardens for special events
  • Certain types of fundraising in the townships of Corangamite Shire
  • Having chairs and tables outside a restaurant or cafe
  • Using an A-frame board to promote your business
  • Displaying goods for sale outside a shop
  • Excess animals
  • Undertake an activity on a road reserve

Click on the link below to download a Local Law permit application form.

Need to know more?

For more detailed information please view or download our General Local Law documents below: