Burning off

When is the Fire Danger period in Corangamite Shire?

The Fire Danger Period (FDP) is determined by the CFA and typically commences in November or December each year.  During the FDP no burning off will be permitted within the Shire without a permit. The Fire Danger Period usually runs through to May 1st. Depending on conditions the FDP may be removed earlier and concluded on the 18th April in 2017.

What is a Fire Danger Period?

This is a time of year when the fire danger risk is deemed to be high by the CFA.  This period extends from late spring, through summer and into autumn, when conditions are dry and hot.

The CFA advertises the date of commencement of the FDP in local newspapers.  The commencement and finish of the FDP can be different from Shire to Shire, so inquiries should always be made if you intend to burn or if you see fires burning during the FDP.

What can I or can't I do?

No burning is permitted during the FDP unless a fire permit(PDF, 23KB) has been obtained.  Corangamite Shire is authorised to issue these permits for stubble burn only (however, generally none will be issued during December, January and February).  Successful applicants must comply with permit conditions(PDF, 1MB).  To burn a pile of wood, etc requires different permit conditions.  For fires that burn more than 24 hours, the Colac CFA must be contacted. Non-compliance of the CFA Act may attract heavy penalties. 

Alternatively you can reduce your fuel load and dispose of waste by:

  • Green waste can be taken to Council’s transfer stations. Keeping green waste separate to other materials will significantly reduce disposal fees.  Further information is available on Council's Rubbish and Recycling (weekly green waste collection) page.
  • Fine fuels, such as grass, leaves and bark, can be very useful for mulching the garden.

During the Fire Danger Period, fires in the open are subject to legal restrictions.  No burning will be allowed at all in towns. A Fact Sheet has been prepared by the CFA which advises what can or can't be done during the Fire Danger Period and on days of total fire ban.  You can download a copy from the CFA website.

Campfires on public land

In State Forests, National Parks and other reserves, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DEWLP) fire restrictions remain in force all year round.  Contact DEWLP and Parks Victoria to obtain further advice about what campfire restrictions may apply.

More Information

More information about fire restrictions can be obtained from the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.

Burning off Outside the Fire Danger Period

Burning off outside of the Fire Danger Period is allowed, however the following conditions apply:

  • In Township areas - Burning off is only allowed if the fire is 1m by 1m and must be extinguished before sunset.
  • Register your burn at least 30 minutes before ignition  with VicFire 1800668511
  • Establish a fire break of no less than three metres cleared of all flammable material
  • Ensure a water supply is available with enough water to extinguish the fire if required
  • Never leave the fire unattended
  • Comply with CFA conditions
  • Comply with General Local Law 2015 (Local Law No 1)(PDF, 3MB)  Open air burning (page 9).