Building Permits

A Building Permit is sometimes required for a fence that is above a certain height.  These requirements are listed in the table below:

Type of Fence Description Building Permit Required
Corner Fence Within 9m of an Intersection (from the kerb) When over 1m in height
Front Fence On a Declared Road When over 2m in height
Front Fence Lightweight (Picket, Colorbond, etc) When over 1.5m in height
Front Fence Solid (Brick, Concrete, etc) When over 1.2m in height
Boundary Fence Side or Rear Boundary When over 2m in height
Boundary Fence Within 3m of a Street Alignment Must comply with Front Fence Regulations
Security Fence Containing Barb Wire adjacent to a Street Alignment Permit required
Tennis Court Fence
No permit required if within property boundary

Contact a Building Officer
for further advice.

Neighbouring Fences

Fencing requirements are regulated by the Fencing Act of Victoria.  The Act contains rules about who pays for a dividing fence, the type of fence to be built, notices that neighbours need to give one another and how to resolve disputes that come up when discussing fencing works with your neighbour.

If you don't know your neighbour you can request contact details by completing a Request for Owner Details for Fencing Purposes(PDF, 74KB) form and submitting it to Council.

Council is not responsible for enforcing fencing requirements. Rather, information on your rights and responsibilities can be found at Fencing Online and the Dispute Settlement Centre.

Neighbouring Council Properties
Council will contribute half of the cost of the construction and replacement of a standard fencing abutting Council owned properties (recreation reserves, parks and other buildings).  Council must be provided with three written quotes and their approval must be obtained prior to any repair and/or replacement of fences.  Council will not consider contribution after works are commenced or completed.  Half cost fencing is not available when:

  • Properties are adjacent to road reserves, laneway, walkways and right of way
  • Properties are adjacent to other authorities' land (eg Wannon Water, Crown Land, etc)
  • Properties are not owned by Council (eg private ownership, VicRoads, etc)