Camperdown Skate Park


The Camperdown Skate Park is a multipurpose facility catering to skaters, skateboarders, BMX cyclists and scooter riders. It provides a street circuit for beginners and a unique experience for the more advanced skaters.


Equipment and Features:
1.5m deep bowl ¾ enclosed with half pipe and roll in
1.2m high launch with roll-in and straight entry into lower flat and 0.8m grind
1.5m upper level with 0.3m rail, 0.4m block and 0.6m high rail down 6 stairs to 0.6m flat
1.50m half pipe
0.40m high grind rail
1.2m jump

Is there a cost?

No.The skate parks, with the ongoing assistance of local communities and funding from various external sources, are provided to residents and visitors to the Shire free of charge. In return we ask all users to respect others, keep the area clean and act in a safe manner at all times.

Who can use the ramp?

Skateboarders, BMX riders, rollerbladers and scooter riders of all ages and abilities are encouraged to use the ramps. Grab your board, blades or bike and test your skills on your nearest ramp. Ramps are open every day from sun up to sun down.

Are there any safety rules in place?

There is signage at each of the skate parks, up and coming skaters should be accompanied by an adult and all users are encouraged to act in a safe manner and be respectful of fellow skaters at all times. 

Where can I find further information?

For further information contact Council's Recreation Development Officer on 5593 7100


Lawrence Street, Camperdown 3260  View Map

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