Quotation: Theatre Royal Master Plan

Corangamite Shire is currently seeking quotations from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to prepare a 10-year master plan for Camperdown's Theatre Royal Complex. Quotation submissions close at 11:59 pm on 30 October 2020. 

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 Supporting documents: 

 Shipwreck Coast Master Plan.

Corangamite Shire Economic Development Strategy. 

Corangamite Shire Council Plan 2017-2021. 


Please also refer to the below FAQ's, which may inform your submission:

Q. Has an accessibility audit been done?

A. No. A formal audit has not been done (an informal one has), this will need to be included in the Master Plan.  


Q. Are there section/ elevation drawings of the building etc?

A. Yes, we have obtained the original blueprints from the Theatre Royal construction, the Mechanics Institute construction and the 1985/86 addition of the library, stadium add-ons. We have drawings from more recent changes to sound and lighting (flooring removed and re-cabled 2018), stage renovations (2015), toilet and kitchen upgrades and soon to be installed projection equipment. These will be provided to the successful applicant.


Q. Is there a conservation management plan?

A. No there is not. A heritage building service report was conducted in 2015 by Period Building Conservation. A Heritage Impact Statement was prepared by Council in 2017. These will be provided during handover with the successful applicant. For more details the Victorian Heritage Register Number is: H1415.


Q. What is considered ‘local’ with respect to local trades/ consultants weighting? 

A. 5 points will be awarded to principle consultants from within the Corangamite Shire, 4 points to principle consultants in south-west Victoria, 3 points to principle consultants in regional Victoria, 2 points to principle consultants in Melbourne and 1 to principle consultants intrastate.


Q. Is this a theatre redevelopment or an innovation hub?

A. The overall complex needs to be considered as an innovation hub that supports business and educational growth, which houses a theatre as one of its many attributes.

Community consultation has shown us that there is an expressed interest in the following:

- Using upstairs offices spaces for co-working/ meeting room space/ flexible education spaces

- Ensuring the shopfront retail spaces are commercially viable for tenants and council

- Upgrades/ expansion to green rooms for theatre

- Activating and enhancing the basketball court as a multi-use space

- Activating the front entrance space

- Activating the upstairs gallery/ gym space

- Consideration is to be given to the future use of the library and whether this requires upgrades to be a more modern/ community space in line with metropolitan libraries

- Opportunities to better connect with the Elderly Citizens centre

- Identify a space to return the original indigenous culture museum as a permanent fixture.


Q. Does the consultant engage the architect or does Council, and are the architect’s fees included in the budget or separate?

A.  It is hoped that the consultant will engage  the architect themselves either through an established working relationship, or through your own firm. If you do not have any relationships with architects please do not be discouraged, you can carve out a budget for this in the $40k allocation, and Council can go out to quote again for this component. All aspects of the scope are to be covered by the budget. If you do not feel that you can keep to that limit, please feel free to quote outside the scope, this will still be considered.


Q. Do you have any local architects or quantity surveyors that you work with?

A . To clarify; we are not at liberty to recommend, due to our procurement process. Local quantity surveyors do exist.


Q. Can we submit outside of the project scope if we feel the budget is too low?

A. All submissions will be considered, with weight given to those who most closely align the scope with the $40k budget. If prospective consultants think there could be efficiencies had in submitting a non-conforming response, that would be considered also.