Bridge replacement and closure: Digneys Bridge Road, Timboon

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Update 15 September 2023

Works are continuing and the road is now fully closed at this location with traffic signage in place. This week both the east and west abutments were installed and concreted. Works will be on hold while the concrete cures enough to accept the weight of the girders, but the road remains closed. 

Update 8 September 2023

The old bridge on Digneys Bridge Road was removed on Wednesday 6 September, with the installation of all the eastern piles for the new bridge completed on Thursday. Installation of the other piles will continue next week. You can view progress images at the bottom of the page.

You may be aware that Council currently has budgeted the replacement of the existing timber bridge on Digneys Bridge Road located approximately 3.5km north of Timboon.

Bridge works are now planned to commence on Monday, 4 September at the site and are anticipated to take approximately 6 weeks to complete, weather permitting. A plan showing the location of the bridge on Digneys Bridge Road is attached.

Whilst the bridge works are being undertaken a full closure of the road at this location will be required during the above period.  Alternative travel routes will be required to be taken on both sides of the bridge and traffic signage will be in place to assist in detouring traffic.

The local bus company has been advised of the closure and an alternative travel route for the Digneys Bridge Road school bus is being organised. Families of effected school children are advised to contact their school bus co-ordinators for details of the interim pick up/drop off arrangements.

It is requested that you alert any expected visitors and/or suppliers to your property of the closure and alternative travel routes.

A map showing road closure and alternate routes for Digneys Bridge Road

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