Solar powered litter bins

Published on 09 August 2017

smart bins.jpg

Corangamite Shire has recently installed four solar powered compacting litter bins to address overloading issues occurring during long weekends and holiday periods in the north of the shire.

Manager Environment and Emergency, Lyall Bond, said an increase in traffic along major highways and the bin locations next to public conveniences had led to the overload issues.

“Past attempts to rectify the issue have included the re-positioning of litter bins to a location more acceptable to the users while also trialling the addition of extra waste bins during significant events, such as long weekends,” Mr Bond said.

“These new compacting litter bins are designed to provide additional space, without increasing the number of bins or collection services.

“The bin works by compacting the litter inside when it reaches a trigger level which allows a 120L waste bin to have up to seven times the amount of rubbish in the bin,” he said.

Council have installed two new compactable solar bins at the main toilets in Skipton followed by two at the public toilets in Lismore.

Mr Bond advised that being solar powered there was no operational costs for the bins once they were installed.

“Costs have also been further reduced as Council contractors will continue to service the bins once a week rather than requiring an additional service during peak times at a significant cost to Council.

“We plan to monitor usage patterns for the bins to ensure that they are being used correctly and functioning as they should. Reports are received by Council when the bins are compacting which also indicates when the bin is becoming full,” he said.

If successful there is a potential for the bins to also be utilised at other high use locations such as Port Campbell where there are large visitor numbers, especially during summer, which impacts heavily on the usage of street litter bins.