Go screen free for a chance to win $500

Published on 18 April 2019


COULD you survive a day without your electronic devices if it meant your school got $500?

Choices4Change and Corangamite Beyond the Bell have come together to promote Screen Free Day on Wednesday 1 May.

The Corangamite Beyond the Bell Local Action Group has invited schools and students across the Shire to run a technology-free activity on 1 May that promotes engagement between students and their peers.

Corangamite Beyond the Bell Project Officer Jennifer Rowan said the most creative activity would win $500 in prize money from the Choices4Change Project, which could be used to buy anything screen-free for their school, such as musical instruments, sporting equipment or board games.

“In the current world of ever emerging new technology it's becoming increasingly difficult to switch off for a moment and appreciate the world around us,” Miss Rowan said.

“It’s about switching off your iGadgets and taking the chance to read, play, think, create, be more physically active and spend time with friends and family.”

Psychological studies have shown taking a break lets the brain “reset” and improves present-moment awareness, sleep, personal connections, productivity and learning.

Miss Rowan said FOMO—Fear Of Missing Out—can make us spend more time on our devices and social media, raising the risk that we miss out on real life as it happens around us.

“Turn FOMO into JOMO—Joy Of Missing Out—and enjoy real friendships, real experiences and genuine connections with our environment and the people around us.”

Choices4Change Project Officer Laura Stevenson said: “While the competition is for schools, the Screen Free Day is for everyone in the Corangamite community.

“We would love to see people taking a break from technology and being active in some way.

“We encourage people to connect with us via the Beyond the Bell Great South Coast Facebook page after 1 May to let us know how you spent your Screen Free Day.”

For more information, contact Ms Rowan on 5593 7100.