Crime prevention across Corangamite Shire

Published on 07 August 2017


Local businesses and residents are set to learn about the latest crime statistics and trends in the region and actions they can take to better protect themselves and their property at information sessions in August.

Corangamite Shire is teaming with Victoria Police to present the two Crime Prevention Information Sessions in August.

Council’s Community Development Officer Garry Moorfield said each of the information sessions would have a different focus area.

“The first session, Wednesday 9 August from 7.00 pm, is tailored for businesses in the Shire, providing an overview of the area and strategies that can be implemented to deter crime and aid in building resilience,” Mr Moorfield said.

“Session two, Wednesday 23 August from 7.00 pm, is designed for members of the local community with a focus on personal safety and household security.

“It will cover basic steps people can take to reduce their risk exposure, including simple ‘target hardening’ strategies,” he said.

Both sessions will be held in the Killara Centre with presentations providing information on protection from Victoria Police crime prevention staff. A security consultant will be attending the Business Session to provide specific information about approaches that can be used or other actions taken to reduce risk.

Victoria Police representative Senior Constable Paul Marsland said Corangamite Shire historically had a low rate of crime compared to other urban centres across Victoria, however more recently local businesses had been subjected to burglaries.

“Victoria Police are committed to working with local communities, engaging business operators and providing advice and support as people take further steps to protect their premises and themselves.

“The effects of crime can be devastating for individuals, even from what might be regarded as lower-level crimes,” Mr Marsland said.

“One victim is one too many,” he added.

Council’s Economic Development Officer and Events Marketing Officer Samantha Fox said the Shire and Victoria Police were engaging with businesses and residents to implement some simple steps that could be taken to deter crime across our local area.

“From these information sessions it is hoped that we can all look out for each other and work together to protect our local communities,” she said.

For further information about the sessions please contact Council on 03 5593 7100.