Great South Coast Victorian election priorities

Published on 02 November 2018

Election priorities.jpg

The Great South Coast Group has released its Victorian Election key priorities to support the lives, livelihoods and recreation of 100,000 locals, plus visitors, in the region.

The Great South Coast covers 23,000 square kilometres across south west Victoria.

The region is a major centre for industries including agriculture (dairy, meat, wool and grain), fishing, forestry, mining and tourism, with emerging opportunities in energy production. 

The Great South Coast is home to two of Victoria’s iconic tourism assets, the Shipwreck Coast including the Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles, and the Grampians.

The region is also abundant in renewable energy assets (wind, geothermal, wave and natural gas reserves), with potential to become a major alternative energy hub.

However, the Chair of the Great South Coast Group, Mayor Cr. Mary-Ann Brown, said if the region was to reach its full potential, five key priorities needed political support from the State level. They are:

  • A $145 million stage two redevelopment of the Warrnambool Base Hospital;
  • A $300 million upgrade to the Princes Highway;
  • Investment in the Digital Education Hubs project which will deliver improved access to library services, tertiary education opportunities and lifelong learning;
  • Expansion of the Great South Coast’s tourism experience; and
  • Implementation of policies to address the workforce shortage.

“People living in the Great South Coast area expect political parties to address their key concerns in the areas of health care, transport, education and employment,” Cr Brown said.

“As a group, we expect each major political party to support our priorities and will work hand in hand with whoever wins at the election to ensure our goals are achieved for the benefit of Victoria.”

Corangamite Shire Mayor Jo Beard said she was focused on delivering positive results for the local community.

“On the ground, locals expect the State Government to deliver on our key priorities,” Cr Beard said.

“We have consulted the community and they have clearly expressed they want better health and education services, improved roads and expanded job opportunities.

“Our key priorities address this and we expect any future Government will support our goals if they expect to win office.”