Free green waste disposal to cut fire risk

Published on 30 October 2017

Greenwaste Drop off Notice 2017.jpg

FREE green waste disposal at all transfer stations and Naroghid Landfill from Saturday 25 November until Sunday 10 December will help the community with its fire season clean-up efforts.

Mayor Jo Beard encouraged residents to plan and prepare for bushfire season before the weather heats up.

“We’ve had plenty of rain in recent months but that’s no reason to get complacent,” Cr Beard said.

“The good growing conditions mean there will be plenty of bushfire fuel around when things dry out.

“It can take only two weeks of hot dry weather to turn lush vegetation into tinder so work together with your family, your neighbours and your community to get fire-safe and fire-ready.

“Normally a heaped trailer or ute load of green waste would cost $31.80 to dispose of, so this is a great chance for people to clean-up around their properties for free.”

Cr Beard encouraged residents to clean leaves out of gutters, and clear undergrowth, fallen branches, and wood piles away from homes and sheds.

“Be a good neighbour and help ill or elderly people who can’t clean up their properties on their own or who don’t have a trailer or ute to get their green waste to the transfer station.”

Cr Beard said the coming fire season was forecast to be particularly high-risk and residents don’t have to live in a fire prone area to be affected.

“It’s vital that everyone takes the time to consider their individual fire risk and come up with an appropriate bushfire plan.

“Share your plan with your neighbours and family so we can all co-operate and help each other in an emergency.

“Prevention is better than cure and cleaning up with this free green waste disposal is the first important step.”

For more information about fire prevention, visit or call 5593 7100.