Dog people encouraged to lead the way

Published on 12 February 2021

Photo - Mitchell Orr on Unsplash.jpg

Taking your dog for a walk is great for your physical and mental health –as long as your four-legged friend doesn’t get overexcited.

Corangamite Shire Council Ranger Sarah Troisi said there were a few simple ways to keep the experience enjoyable for everyone.

“There are a couple of things to remember so you, your pet, and the community have the best experience in towns and at scenic locations around the Shire,” Ms Troisi said.

“Dogs must be kept on a lead where signed, which is often the town centre area or reserves like the various mounts around our Shire.

“Keeping your pet on a lead means you can have full control if they meet other animals or people. Your pet might not be aggressive, but if they’re put in an uncomfortable situation they could get scared and attack out of fear.”

Ms Troisi said keeping your dog on a lead means it can’t wander onto people’s property, reducing the risk of catching diseases such as parvo.

She also reminded owners that they must pick up after their pets.

“Any droppings must be collected and disposed of appropriately. Most people do the right thing. Dog owners must ensure they have dog poo carry bags with them whenever they go out with their pet.”

“That will keep our shared spaces clean from dog waste, for hygiene reasons as well as making sure everyone can enjoy their walk.”

For more information, contact Council’s Local Laws team on 5593 7100.