Councillors lobby for Apostles funding

Published on 10 January 2018


Corangamite Shire Councillors have toured the troubled Twelve Apostles site to highlight the urgent need for State funding.

Deputy Mayor Neil Trotter said the inspection of the dangerous bottleneck drove home the serious public safety risks posed by inadequate infrastructure.

“The Twelve Apostles are one of the country’s most popular attractions, attracting almost three million visitors each year, but vehicle access is little more than a bush track compared to what is needed,” Cr Trotter said.

“It’s a shambles. We have pedestrians, cars and buses sharing the same space and we really need both sides of the State Government to invest a realistic amount of funding to keep everyone safe.

“Reducing the traffic jams will also mean visitors enjoy their experience rather than going away with stories of disappointment that undermine our reputation as a world-class tourist destination.”

Cr Trotter urged all political parties to back the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan’s recommendations for the Twelve Apostles.

“The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan gives us a detailed guidelines for how to strengthen our local economy and create jobs through sustainable tourism.

“It forecasts $254 million in spending along the Great Ocean Road each year and 3000 new jobs by 2035.

“Council calls on all members from both sides of Parliament to help us work towards that future, starting at the main attraction: the Twelve Apostles.”