Council finishes $5.5M works program

Published on 19 April 2024

Road rehabilitation.jpg

Ideal conditions have allowed Council’s works team to finish the $5.5 million construction program two months ahead of schedule.

Manager Works Peter Rogers praised his team for a mammoth effort.

Last July we were looking at a significant Construction Program with carry forwards being added to the list.

The seven carry forward projects could not be completed the year before because of wet weather, contractor shortages, and additional recovery works as a result of 2020 and 2023 floods.

“We’ve finished in April instead of June,” Mr Rogers said.

“The weather has been kind to us. It was warm for rehabilitation and line marking when you need some warmth in the ground.

The summer program included a massive 20 rehabilitation projects covering more than 15, including widening North South Road.

Mr Rogers said the picture was similar for the $932,000 footpaths, with 18 projects including three carry forwards.

Six kerb and channel projects worth about $344,000 included one carry forward from last year

“We achieved all of this with two months and two weeks remaining,” Mr Rogers said.

“A big thanks to the Assets Team for having the Design Plans ready for us so we could hit the ground running.

“We were initially staring at a big ask. The teams assured me they could do it but it will be tough.

“I congratulate the team on their resilience, dedication, adaptability, improvisation, good knowledge, focus, great leadership and good teamwork.”

The team will move straight on to resheeting gravel roads across the Shire.

“One grader will be used for resheeting and the other will maintenance grading,” Mr Rogers said.

“Now there’s a bit of moisture in the ground which you need for those jobs so everything’s working in our favour.”