Cr Simon Illingworth


0431 933 406

Alternate Phone
03 5593 7100


Simon and his children live just outside of Port Campbell. The Illingworths grow and sell rare garlic and onion varieties and are in the process of building a local produce store to create an outlet for local farmers and home growers to sell products to visitors.

What inspired you to run for Council?

I agree with the general opinion that we are treated like second class citizens by political parties seemingly hell bent on getting and retaining power. Corangamite Shire is not even on the political radar and the roads are the best indicator of that. I was certain I’d made the right decision to run for Council when the potholed roads began collapsing, risking the lives of my children and 30 of their school mates in the Devils Gully road collapse. It made me sick in the guts.

What are your impressions of being a Councillor?

My first impressions as a Councillor are exactly as I’d expected. I know I’ve annoyed many staff and Councillors in my first couple of weeks, asking and probing to find holes in the way we do things, what we can do better and checking to see that the current programs are on track and measurable.

What do you believe some of the challenges will be for this Council?

Road safety is first priority, but without a doubt, second priority would be ‘development’ in the Coastal Ward. This is an enormous challenge and it is really difficult to listen to the genuine sorrow and anguish felt by locals feeling that their natural surroundings are under siege, yet also hear that they understand and acknowledge the need to develop.

If there is one thing (or project) you want to see happen in your time as Councillor - what would it be?

I am a firm believer in helping people to help themselves. I have a social project I am working on that would be quite substantial should it be successful.