Deputy Mayor Ruth Gstrein


0407 320 283

Alternate Phone 
03 5593 7100


Ruth lives in Camperdown with her husband Peter and has two adult children, Lucy and Christopher. Ruth was first elected to Council in 2002 and has served three terms as Mayor in 2007, 2008 and 2009. She is Office Manager at Bostocks Creek Design and Drafting. Ruth is also a Member of the Corangamite Regional Library Board, Municipal Association of Victoria and Barwon South West Regional Development Australia Committee.

What inspired you to run for Council again?

I believe l have been a strong contributor to the Council and the Corangamite community over the past 14 years and l was keen to continue representing our residents and advocating on their behalf.  I love being an active member of our community and assisting individuals and groups in achieving their goals.

What do you believe some of the challenges will be for this Council?

Without a doubt financial constraints will be a major challenge for this Council.  Maintaining service levels of not only our assets and infrastructure but also the services that assist our most vulnerable residents will be difficult.  Access to external grant funding is becoming harder to obtain and so balancing priorities will be vital in meeting community expectations.

If there is one thing (or project) you want to see happen in your time as Council - what would it be?

l would like to see acknowledgement by the State Government that our arterial road network is in a life threatening state and commit genuine investment in its improvement and ongoing maintenance.  Economic growth is imperative for our towns to thrive.  The establishment of new and expansion of existing business is necessary to create vibrant, attractive and liveable communities in Corangamite Shire.