Mayor Neil Trotter


0407 101 872

Alternate Phone 
03 5593 7100


Elected as Mayor by fellow Councillors in November 2018.

Neil lives in Timboon where he is semi-retired and an active volunteer. He has a background in tourism and hospitality, and is a member of Port Campbell SLSC, Cobden Racecourse Reserve and Simpson & District Community Centre Committee.

What inspired you to run for Council again?

I chose to stand for Council again because I have enjoyed my time on Council and felt that were some projects in process that I would like see reach fruition.

What do you believe some of the challenges will be for this Council?

We still have some work to do in regards to improving roads and roadside weeds and drainage. We have increased our emphasis on economic development and population retention and attraction. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline and it will be gratifying to see them become a reality.This new Council faces formidable challenges in the current economic climate. We will need to be vigilant and conservative in the formation of future budgets. A primary target will be around advocating for a change in the funding formula for regional roads. Recurrent funding for regional transport infrastructure and roads is insufficient and not sustainable.

If there is one thing (or project) you want to see happen in your time as Councillor - what would it be?

I would like to see the proposed extension to the Timboon to Port Campbell trail become a reality. This extension is a vital link in value-adding to our tourism infrastructure. It will strengthen and attract investment into our artisans food trail, and encourage new operators to set up additional food and accommodation businesses in our beautiful hinterland. We will need to continue to maintain our asset base. Allowing our assets to deteriorate by reducing spending is not a sustainable option.