Cr Lesley Brown


0428 594 684

Alternate Phone
03 5593 7100


Lesley and her husband, Charlie live on their property just south of Mount Elephant, Derrinallum.  They are the third generation of the Brown family to live and work the farm, before semi-retiring.  They have four adult children who live in different parts of the country.  Lesley has been very active in her local community, has worked in various administrative positions, and held many volunteering roles, including 10 years as President of the Mount Elephant Committee.

What inspired you to run for Council?

I was first approached to get involved by Cr Geoff Smith last year.  I discussed this new challenge with family and friends and came to the conclusion that after all the years of my community involvement, that I could perhaps make a greater contribution if I became a Councillor.

What are your first impressions of being a Councillor?

I am very impressed with the work that Council does.  The Officers and staff have a huge job to do and they do it very well. There is a lot to learn and some big decisions to be made in the coming months. I have big shoes to fill replacing Geoff, but I know that I have the support of everyone and that I only need to ask and I will receive assistance.

What do you believe some of the challenges will be for this Council?

The state of our roads is a major concern for all of us. They are a danger to everyone who uses them. Budget constraints and how we can retain our current services and programs will be another challenge. The health of our communities as well as issues such as obesity and mental health will need our attention.

If there is one thing (or project) you want to see happen in your time as Councillor - what would it be?

I would like to ensure that services and facilities are retained in our smaller communities, especially in the north of the Shire. Facilities such as our pools, transfer stations and community halls are valuable community assets.