Cr Jo Beard


0417 369 457

Alternate Phone 
03 5593 7100


Jo lives with her husband Daniel and sons Jordan and Cooper in Cobden and works part time as a senior project officer for the Department of Health and Human Services across the Wimmera South West area. Cr Beard was first elected to Council in 2011 and was Mayor for three terms from 2015-2018. She has always been very active in her local community, particularly with the Cobden Lake Committee, Cemetery Trust and Progressing Cobden.

What inspired you to run for Council again?

I love being able to help make a difference not only in my community but also across the Shire. My family has always volunteered in the community and I have been brought up to give back wherever possible, so Council has given me that great opportunity. I enjoy listening to others and being able to help in whatever way I can to make life better for all. Being re-elected is allowing me to continue to advocate and work towards desired community outcomes.

What do you believe some of the challenges will be for this Council?

We will continue to have challenging times ahead, financially, and meeting the expectations of our ratepayers. I also see this as a great opportunity to not only review our priorities, but also to work together with our communities on a level that encourages equal input. Our young people are our future and it is vital that we continue to play in the space of addressing their needs, just as we do for our ageing population.

If there is one thing (or project) you want to see happen in your time as Councillor - what would it be?

I strongly believe that our arterial road network is getting past a point that it just cannot continue to be overlooked for significant funding by the State Government. I want to be front and centre with continuing that campaign to get a better deal for our road users.