Walker Street Garden, Derrinallum

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What we heard

The plan for the proposed Walker Street Garden in Derrinallum was placed on public notice for 25 days and 23 responses were submitted (including one late response).

Nineteen submissions were supportive of the project and offered encouragement to the Western Plains Working Together Incorporated community group (WPWT) and its partnership with Corangamite Shire.

Four longer form submissions raised matters of process and were critical of either Council or the WPWP group or both regarding aspects of the development of this project and/or its consideration by Council. These submissions were not directed at the garden proposal per se or aspects of its design, apart from one reference to pedestrian crossings.

The evident need for better communication across the community was reinforced by the lack of shared information on the one hand, and the apparent misunderstandings on the part of some submitters regarding costs and perceived risks on the other. This was a matter that the public exhibition sought to address.

In regard to commentary about community support for the Walker Street Garden project, as reported to the Derrinallum community through the News and Natter community newsletter, Corangamite Shire is relying upon the outcome of the review of the Derrinallum Community Plan last year, where the 214 people participating in the town survey added two new priorities to the Plan. Through the survey, the Fitness Equipment proposal became a new priority (95 votes for, 39 against) as did the Walker Street Garden (84 votes for and 41 against).

The next step is for the Memorandum of Understanding between WWPT Incorporated and Corangamite Shire to be signed, prior to commencement of works scheduled with Council Parks and Gardens staff.

Thank you to all community members who took the trouble to share their views on this project. You can read each of the individual responses via the link. 

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