Planning Amendment C51

Submissions closed on 15 June 2021, 05:00 PM


Rural Living Strategy

What are we doing?
We are proposing to make changes to the Corangamite Shire Planning Scheme to encourage rural-residential development on the outskirts of some of our towns. This will happen in stages, with the first areas of focus being Lismore, Camperdown and Terang.

The major changes include:

  • Rezoning land from Farming Zone to Rural Living Zone around Lismore
  • Changing the minimum lot size to certain areas around Terang
  • Changing parts of the Scheme to align more with the recommendations of the Corangamite Rural Living Strategy

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What is Planning Scheme Amendment C51?
Planning Scheme Amendment C51 takes some of the recommendations of the Rural Living Strategy and proposes specific changes to Corangamite Shire’s Planning Scheme.

Some of these include:


  • Development Plan Overlay (DPO) applied to land north of Gellie Street and east of Clarke Street, Camperdown, to coordinate future rural-residential development and housing
    Camperdown DPO10(PDF, 280KB)


  • Rezone small rural lots adjoining Camperdown Lismore Road identified as part of a ‘legacy’ rural subdivision from the Farming Zone to the Rural Living Zone
    Lismore Rural Living Zone(PDF, 222KB)


All townships

  • Introduce updated strategic directions, planning policy and framework plans to support future rural-residential development and staged delivery consistent with the Rural Living Strategy

How did this come about?
It is estimated Corangamite Shire will need 702 new houses over the next 18 years to accommodate growth across the Shire. Corangamite Shire Council developed and adopted the Rural Living Strategy in May 2019. It was to ensure a coordinated approach to unlocking land for more housing around our towns, as well as continuing to protect the Shire’s valuable agricultural land. 

The strategy looked at land supply around the townships of Camperdown, Terang, Timboon, Port Campbell, Lismore, Cobden, Derrinallum, Simpson, Noorat and Skipton. It identified approximately 187 hectares of potential rural residential land that could be unlocked for housing supply. The supply of rural residential land must be planned for on a Shire wide basis and will be implemented in stages.

How will this impact me?
Proposed rezone from Farming to Rural Living

  • Lots 6-27 LP 211328 adjoining Camperdown- Lismore Road, Lismore

Proposed rationalisation of land affected by the Restructure Overlay

  • Land north of Camperdown located within the Rural Living Zone and Restructure Overlay

New Development Plan Overlay to apply to Low Density Residential Zone

  • Land north of Gellie Street and east of Clark Street, Camperdown, within the Low Density Residential Zone

Proposed change minimum lot size from eight hectares to two hectares

  • Rural Living Zone land bound by Princes Highway, Noogee Road and McWilliam Street, Terang

Why does the Planning Scheme Amendment only focus on Lismore, Camperdown and Terang?
The Rural Living Strategy looked at land supply across the entire municipality, however, due to the management of land supply, we need to roll it out in stages.

Changes to Lismore, Camperdown and Terang, along with strategy and policy updates, are being implemented as part of Stage 1. Further stages will be considered in upcoming Council budgets.

How can I find out more?
If you are affected by this amendment and want to find out more please contact Council on 5593 7100.

What is the Corangamite Planning Scheme?

A planning scheme is a legal document that sets out policies and provisions that determine how land can be used, developed and/or protected within a Shire.

The Corangamite Planning Scheme includes:

  • Vision, strategic direction & planning policy
  • Maps that identify zones and overlays
  • Written text explaining what each zone and overlay means and what planning policies and other provisions apply
  • Incorporated documents referenced by the scheme, but not included.

Under the Corangamite Planning Scheme all land is zoned for a particular purpose. For example, residential, commercial, industrial, farming or recreation. Each zone indicates the type of uses allowed on the land, as well as controls relating to buildings and subdivisions.

What is a Rural Living Zone?

Provides for residential use in a rural environment where dwellings may exist on lot sizes usually of at least two hectares and provides for ancillary rural uses to occur.

What is a Low Density Residential Zone?

Provides for low-density residential development on larger than normal lot sizes to support lifestyle living.

What is a Development Plan Overlay?

The Development Plan Overlay is a planning tool that identifies specific design requirements and considerations relevant to an area or property. These may relate to environmental constraints, topography, adjoining land uses and development layout, amongst other things.

It requires a development plan to be prepared and approved by Council before a planning permit can be granted, fast-tracking the planning permit application process.