Draft Mt Noorat Management Plan

Submissions closing on 12 July 2019, 05:00 PM


Management Plan Summary

Mt Noorat is a destination known for its geological and natural values and experiences; a place where culture past and present is understood and respected; and where access is provided for all to enjoy.

Our Objectives
1. Protect and enhance the natural values of Mt Noorat

2. Provide quality visitor experiences that reflect the character of the site

3. Aboriginal and European history is understood and respected.

4. Walking tracks are accessible, well maintained and cater for diverse experiences

5. The financial management and governance of Mt Noorat is self-sustaining

Interested parties are encouraged to view the draft plan and provide feedback to ensure it represents what is important for the community in relation to Mount Noorat.

Thank you for your time in providing feedback. Council will consider all submissions received by Friday 12 July in the development of the Final Plan to be presented to Council for adoption at the September Council meeting.

Draft Mt Noorat Management Plan(PDF, 10MB)

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