Cobden Structure Plan

Ongoing consultation


What are we doing?

On 20 December 2022 Council adopted the Cobden Structure Plan, following feedback from the Cobden community. The structure plan identifies how Cobden will change and grow over the next 15-20 years.

The structure plan for Cobden ensures land use planning and development is meeting community needs and maximising opportunities for sustainable growth in Cobden. The Plan builds on what is good about Cobden whilst also considering regional growth strategies, the Cobden Twenty 20 Vision Community Plan and the impact of broader economic changes, including as a result of COVID-19. 

View the Structure plan here(PDF, 33MB)

Planning scheme amendment

A planning scheme amendment is required to introduce the Structure into the Corangamite Planning Scheme. Council requies the approval of the Minister for Planning before this commences. We expect this to be granted in early 2023 and consultation on the planning scheme amendment will follow.