Cobden Structure Plan

Ongoing consultation


What are we doing?

Council is preparing the Cobden Structure Plan and are continuing to get feedback from the Cobden community to assist with the preparations. The Plan will identify how Cobden will change and grow over the next 15-20 years.

A structure plan for Cobden will ensure land use planning and development is meeting community needs and maximising opportunities for sustainable growth in Cobden. The Plan will build on what is good about Cobden whilst also considering regional growth strategies, the Cobden Twenty 20 Vision Community Plan and the impact of broader economic changes, including as a result of COVID-19. 

Focus of the Cobden Structure Plan

  • Designate Cobden as a primary township and a location for growth.
  • Enable residential, rural residential, commercial and industrial growth opportunities.
  • Establish a settlement boundary.
  • Long term protection of Cobden Aerodrome.
  • Services planning, especially water and waste water to unlock growth.
  • Managing environmental constraints.
  • Enhancement of gateway entrances, public open spaces and physical environments.

A draft structure plan has now been prepared

Following two earlier stages of consultation in April and June, a draft Structure Plan has now been prepared.

The Structure Plan builds on the ideas and opportunities outlined in the June discussion paper. Council has considered all the views expressed, including 27 survey responses, 5 written submissions, and comments received at the town meeting, drop-in session and street stall which together were attended by 41 people.

View the Draft Structure plan here(PDF, 24MB).

The feedback period on the Draft Structure Plan has now closed. Council is currently considering all submissions and comments received.


The draft Structure Plan includes development sites which, if included into the final & adopted Structure Plan, would be suitable for rezoning and development.  Landowners who want their land considered for inclusion into a potential Council-led rezoning should make a written submission requesting this. Submissions should include a planning justification for rezoning according to the directions of the draft Structure Plan.

Council will consider opportunities for including land into a Council-led rezoning when considering the final Structure Plan following this consultation.