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Youth Council 2020

The Corangamite Shire Youth Council consists of young people from all secondary schools in Corangamite including Hampden Specialist School, plus four community members.

The Youth Council works on a number of projects including Health and Wellbeing Projects, Beyond the Bell and FReeZA events.

The Youth Councillors are mentored on their projects by Shire Officers, including the Youth Development Officer, FReeZA Events Officer and Shire Councillors.

Youth Council is supported by the Corangamite Shire, Supporting Corangamite Youth, all Corangamite secondary schools including Hampden Specialist School and the Victorian Government through the Engage! program.

The purpose of Youth Council is:
  • To provide a forum for young people to highlight issues, needs and aspirations important to them and relevant to local government in Corangamite Shire

  • To build confidence, skills and knowledge in young people, including leadership, communication, team work and project management skills

  • To provide advice and suggestions to the Council regarding issues affecting the youth of Corangamite.

  • To increase social connections with peers, family and adults.

  • To initiate programs to help in the development of young people in Corangamite.

  • To educate young people about local government, the structure within it and the role it plays in the Corangamite Shire.