What is FReeZA?

FReeZA is Victorian Government initiative and an innovative youth development program providing young people between the ages of 12 and 25 with the opportunity to attend affordable and accessible music,art and cultural events. FReeZA attracts over 140,000 young people each year to events that take place in safe, fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free venues across Victoria.

Through funding provided by the Office of Youth, FReeZA presents you with the opportunity to become a part of a local FReeZA committee to plan and deliver events. FReeZA offers you the chance to develop a broad range of skills and the opportunity to stage events for other young people in your local community. The Corangamite Shire Youth Council forms Corangamite’s local FReeZA committee along with the Youth Development Officer.

Various events are organised across the Corangamite Shire each year and updated information can be found on the Corangamite Shire Youth Council Facebook page.