Our Philosophy

Service Philosophy

Our Vision
We strive for a shared vision with children, families and the community. Children’s potential is limitless and success is shown through wonder, curiosity, fun and learning.

Our Beliefs
Our beliefs are reflected through a holistic approach to practice within the early years of children’s lives.We believe confidence in educator abilities and capacity enhances children’s opportunities through flexibility, freedom, choice and time. We believe strong relationships and rich learning environments enable children to create meaningful, trusting connections through which they can grow and thrive. We believe in commitment to learning environments where children meet and have the opportunity to socialise, explore, express their self-identities and be happy. We believe equity to be an expectation, and that social interaction and partnership are strengths for inclusion. We believe reflection continually informs knowledge development, capabilities and future goals.

Our Foundations
Our foundations reflect the Corangamite Shire Council Vision ‘we strive for a connected and thriving community’, the National Standards and recognised early year’s frameworks as guiding frameworks and standards for educator pedagogy and curriculum decision making, professional practice and learning outcomes for children. Version: 46, Version Date: 20/05/2019 Document Set ID: 317028 Corangamite Shire Mobile Child Care Information Booklet An organisational Code of Conduct and the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics reinforce expectations and accountability. As educators we recognise strengths and opportunity for quality improvement pathways and achievable outcomes for children, families, community and Corangamite Shire.

As a foundation our world is an inspiration for lifelong learning; science, communication, Arts, physical engagement, literacy, mathematics and technology.

Our Place
Our place is where we are in this moment. Creating a welcoming and safe meeting place, accessible for children, families and the community is highly valued. We acknowledge the first people of our place and share the strong connection. We recognise how diversity enriches our place and we invite shared ownership.

Our Environment
We recognise the environment and its importance of adventure and discovering through play, and are committed to a learning environment that is nurturing and caring. Sustainable and natural environments are valued for indoor and outdoor learning and participation. Our environment is inclusive and respectful of the wider community and our place in the world.

Our Communities
Our Communities relates to Our Vision, Our Beliefs, Our Foundations, Our Place and Our Environment, and we:

  • Acknowledge belonging to communities and the traditional connection to Country and history.
  • Value inclusive and collaborate practice with all stakeholders; community members, parents, families and Council.
  • Take pride and acknowledge team strength, team work, skills, resourcefulness and abilities to source local knowledge.
  • Utilise the extended community contacts and connections for meaningful learning experiences; incursions, excursions, arts, music, celebration, cooking and through the physical environment.
  • Consider open ended outcomes for play, interpreting individuality and appreciate what community is for children.
  • Recognise diversity of communities and the continuum of change and its influence for education and care practice.
  • Strive to provide the families within our communities with welcoming and respectful partnerships that build meaningful and trustful relationships, fostering cultural connection and recognition.