Our aims and philosophy

What are our aims and philosophy

Our Aim

The aim of the Corangamite Shire Council Family Day Care is to support high quality childcare that meets the individual needs of both families and children, in a safe and caring environment.

Our Philosophy

Corangamite Shire Family Day Care Service educators and coordination unit staff are committed to ensuring that:

A sense of belonging is created through nurturing that provides a happy, safe homelike environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

Children are supported and encouraged on a journey of development, becoming the person they have the potential to be through stimulating, individual and group interactions and experiences provided allowing:

  • Safe play and exploration
  • Developing self-worth

Being is recognised and valued through the harmonious, flexible, respectful relationships we create and develop, nourishing and encouraging the essence of every individual.

We value and encourage:

  • Respect between all people,
  • Equity for everyone,
  • Inclusion of diversity and cultural background,
  • Team culture and privacy and confidentiality.