Port Campbell

The original Port Campbell Action Plan was developed through the latter half of 2012. One hundred and four (104) people either submitted their ideas through a town survey or prioritised them at a public meeting on 23 January 2013. One hundred and seventy-five (175) ideas were put forward and aggregated under seven themes.

The original Port Campbell community plan listed 30 priorities for township development to 2023. Only a couple have been completed or commenced, but some of the major ones are being initiated through the Victorian Government. A review of the Port Campbell Action Plan was completed in 2016.

Current top priorities include:

  1. Make new and improved walking/ cycling tracks (planned)
  2. Build Hot Pool/ Spa
  3. Reinstate Swing Bridge/ Two Mile walk (commenced)
  4. More car parking (completed in part)
  5. Apply development overlays
  6. Erect welcoming signage (commenced)
  7. Develop community cultural events (completed in part)
  8. Improve public transport services
  9. Upgrade streetscape (planning work commenced)