Shop Local Corangamite Resources

Shop Local Corangamite

This campaign has been established to help businesses share positive messaging with their audience through various social media channels. It aims to support Corangamite Shire small businesses to thrive through recovery. The marketing resources available encourages residents and visitors to spend their money locally, maintaining the thriving Corangamite economy. 

Access the images by clicking on the links below

Once you have chosen the image you would have, click on the link then right click (if you're on a computer) or hold your finger down on the image (if you're on a mobile device) and press 'save image'. Now you're ready for upload onto your social media channels or website. 

Thank you for supporting us- purple background(PNG, 107KB)
Thank you for supporting us- pink background(PNG, 108KB)

We're still open- green background(PNG, 92KB)
We're still open- white background(PNG, 75KB)

Grab a coffee from us- plum background(PNG, 109KB)
Grab a coffee from us- pink background(PNG, 109KB)

We're back- green background(PNG, 113KB)
We're back- blue background(PNG, 112KB)

Shop locally with us- navy background(PNG, 103KB)
Shop locally with us- yellow background(PNG, 103KB)

Want all of the tiles? Download a zipped file here(ZIP, 805KB)