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Feedback sought on Road Management Plan

Click here to download the current Road Management Plan

A plan guiding how Corangamite Shire maintains its local road and footpath network and responds to hazards is under review.

The Road Management Plan is reviewed and adopted every four years once a new Council is elected. Council is seeking public comment on the existing plan.

Mayor Jo Beard said the plan guides how the Shire inspects, repairs roads and footpaths, and responds to hazards in a consistent manner.

“It sets realistic response times according to the hazard and the type of road or footpath impacted. Traffic volumes and speed limits on each road are taken into account,” she said.

Hazards on roads may include water pooling, potholes, fallen trees or overhanging branches, dead animals, missing safety signs or faded line marking.

Currently, busier local roads such as Curdievale-Port Campbell Road and Camperdown Derrinallum Road are inspected four times a year. Lower volume roads such as Mount Bute Road & Cobden South Ecklin Road are inspected three times a year, while quieter access roads such as Bradshaws Road in the north and Gallum Road in the south are inspected once or twice a year based on the road hierarchy. All footpaths in the Shire are inspected on an annual basis.

Mayor Beard encouraged residents to provide feedback on the plan.

“If you ring the Shire about a pothole, overhanging branch or any other hazard, then this plan sets minimum standards around how the organisation responds,” she added.

The Road Management Plan can be accessed online at or the Civic Centre in Camperdown. Submissions can be made in writing to Corangamite Shire, PO Box 181, Camperdown, 3260 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions close Thursday 4 May 2017.